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Scenic ATV Rentals

Scenic ATV Rental provides the unique opportunity of unguided ATV trail rides.  Our goal is to give our cutsomers a thrilling experience while riding in the mountains of Wyoming just south of Jackson Hole. 
You actually choose the route you want to ride according to designated trails and the speed you want to go. It's your ride, enjoy it!  So whether you are a first time rider or an experienced enthusiast, you are in the driver's seat.  So, come on, feel the breeze and see the sights you will miss if you stay on the highway.  Get away from the crowds!  Rent an ATV today!

Scenic ATV Rentals Scenic ATV Rentals
Scenic ATV Rentals Scenic ATV Rentals 

ATV Rental Rates

Full day 9am to 5:30pm $120
Half day9am to 1pm or 1:30pm to 5:30pm $80
CargoPak For gear and a passenger $15
Trailer For transporting ATV's to another location. $25
You can carry a passenger and your gear (food, water, clothing) by renting a CargoPak from us.  This has a foam padded seat with cargo compartments around the edges.
You can ride from our location directly to the trails or you can trailer the ATVs to another location; the choice is yours.
The ATV's will be full of gas when you take them for your adventure.  It is your responsibility to fill them with 88% octane gas before returning along with a reciept.  Or you can bring them back empty and we will charge the going rate for gas times full capacity tank.  The choice is yours.

Dates and Times

Open May through October.  (Rentals only by appointment in early May, late Sept, and Oct.  Office is open full time from May 24, 2012, June, July, August, through Labor Day weekend.)  Call for dates in September and October.

Open 7 days a week. 
Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm. 

Operators that do not have a driver's license or permit (normally those 15 years old and under) can operate an ORV only on designated/enrolled trails and designated riding areas with permission.  Operators over the age of 14 years old with proper driver's license endorsement can ride on rouds, routes, trails that are designed for ORV travel.  Children under 18 years old must have a Parent accompany them while they ride.
Scenic ATV Rentals Scenic ATV Rentals
Scenic ATV Rentals Scenic ATV Rentals 

Where to Ride

You can ride your ATV directly from our place of business to the National Forest roads and trails.  We are located in Alpine (just north of Alpine Junction), an easy 35 mile drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, down the scenic Snake River Canyon.  It is an easy ATV ride through the small town of Alpine to get to Greys River Road.  Or, if you'd like, you can rent our ATV trailer and go anywhere you want. 

Enjoy the rope swing at Murphy's Lake. Picnic area and a trail around the lake for all ages to enjoy.
You can see a lot of country and have a great time on either the all day or half day rides.  If you are
adventuresome, we recommend the all day ride because you can go several different directions and take your time. 
The best way to see where we ride is to download Google Earth and do a "fly" from Alpine, Wyoming.  At Alpine the Snake River comes in from the east (from Jackson) and the Greys River comes in from the southeast.  Go up Greys River road (dirt road) and you can see how far you can go.  The side ATV trails open July 1, specifically the Squaw Creek Trail is the best one for ATVs (intermediate trail, not recommended for beginners). 
Squaw Creek is the road turning right about 4 miles upriver from Alpine and then immediately crossing the river bridge (don't confuse it with the main Greys River Road crossing the river bridge about 2 miles up from Alpine).  In May-June and Sep-Oct we will send you up Murphy Creek and Porcupine Creek roads which are seldom traveled in early summer and late fall.  You will note the Greys River parallels the road. 
Really scenic! 
Eight miles up Greys River from Alpine the main Greys River makes a bend to the right (south) and the Little Greys River comes in from the left (north).  Little Greys is another good ATV road (but more dusty), but go on up the main Greys River Road another 7 miles to Murphy Creek Road (a half mile past Murphy Creek Forest Service Campground).  Turn right on Murphy Creek Road and it runs about 7 miles up into some spectacular snow-capped peaks. 
When you come back out of Murphy Creek Road and return to the Greys River Road, if you turn right, going upstream, you will go 3.5 miles to Porcupine Creek Road turning left.  It's about 5 miles to the end.  There are also a lot of trails to explore up the Little Greys River.  Also, there are small side roads/trails such as Higby Canyon.  So, as you can see, plenty of places to explore and have fun!
Scenic ATV Rentals Scenic ATV Rentals
Scenic ATV Rentals Jackson Hole Recreation


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